Bookcover + Lettering

I designed the cover using the letter H.  I chose my favourite story about Hadassah, Queen Esther in the bible. She enters through the marble pillars of the Persian palace, to approach King Xerxes and intercede on behalf of the Jewish people.  
She bravely said 'If I perish, I perish' and went knowing that the king could have her put to death for breaking the law by approaching him without being summoned. 
The canopy of flowers are 'Love in the Mist' or  "Persian Jewel'. Which are commonly found as a Persian pattern.  I drew the single stone necklace around her neck as she had worn on her first night with the king, when he chose her to be queen. I used an emerald as it is the stone for the Lion of Judah, in a tear shape because it was her tears on his feet that saved the Jews - well that's my interpretation. Her uncle, Mordecai tore his clothes and covered himself in ash when he heard the Jews would be killed. So I put ash in front of Esther.